5 Gay Travel Clothing & Essentials for Tulum

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5 Gay Travel Clothing & Essentials for Tulum


Finally, you could find reservations in our gay friendly hotel in Tulum and with your plane ticket and everything, now it’s time to pack for the beach!


Sure, you can just throw some t-shirts and shorts in your luggage and call it a day, but Tulum is one of the most sophisticated beach destinations of the world, and you are coming to Loba Tulum Hotel, a new sanctuary of pleasure and seduction so if you want to look the part, and that’s what you like, you’ve got to be equipped with a bit of insider info about what to wear here that will make your packing smooth as a breeze!


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1. Stop what you are doing, start packing, you are traveling to paradise: Tulum.


As you must know, Tulum is considered a blissful destination. Being in the Caribbean Sea, it’s pretty warm 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

So sweaters and jackets can stay home, but it’s recommendable to have one so that you can endure the a/c at the airport, shops, cars, and just in case it might rain. The night does get cooler, but carrying the breeze from the ocean, it’s always nice and warm.


Gay Clothing Tulum


2. Yes, your most fashionable beach attire is a must.


With a wide variety of activities to do, Tulum is a beach paradise that attracts everybody from yogis and budget travelers, to more upscale travelers. And in Loba Tulum, our gay friendly hotel, you can actually expect to find a crowd that is quite stylish so be prepared to feel in Tulum like those Manhattan-based creatives on a long weekend holiday or Europeans looking for a break from Ibiza.

So don’t forget to leave some room in your luggage for new clothes, since you will want to visit the shops in the area with designer, boho-chic, and trendy clothing. Now, it’s always a good idea to pack your favorite swim wear, sun glasses, hats, shorts, light t-shirts.

You can also let yourself be inspired to decide on the amount of outfits thinking of the number of days that your vacation in Tulum will take. You will surely need minimum 3 outfits per day for the different activities you are planning to do.



3. How crazy can you go with your shoes?


A few pairs of shoes are basic too. Remember that you will be doing a lot of walking, so take those comfy shoes, without leaving your most sensual sandals behind because a strolling around the beach, or in the beautiful surroundings of our Loba Tulum doesn’t have to be an excuse to stop being sexy.

The same when it comes to fancy shoes, if you like a pair you are not sure you are going to have the opportunity to wear here, you’d better put them in your suitcase, because you will be pleasantly surprised at the exquisite dining out options of the destination that call for dressing up.


Hotel Loba Clothing Tulum


4. Don’t forget to pack the essentails for an enjoyable vacation in Tulum!


With this tropical climate, the sun is very strong and your sunscreen protection shouldn’t be forgotten, so should not a moisturizer and some mosquito repelent. Our Loba hotel offers you comfortable facilities, where mosquitos are not a problem but when you set out to explore the landmarks of Tulum such as the archeological sites, you will need it.

A douche kit, lube, condoms, full dental care have to be part of the package, because it’s better to come prepared than not.


5. But go beyond the regular Tulum traveler.


While, all of the items we mentioned are necessary, that’s just the standard person’s travel packing. But when have you thought of yourself as a standard person? So don’t be shy and pack these sensual underwear you have for special occasions. That’s going to be like a dirty little secret that no one else will know until you choose to disclose it. And what can be more than special occasion than feeling sexy in your Tulum vacation.


Loba Tulum Hotel Gay Clothing


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Now with these tips, you are ready to enjoy your ultimate gay friendly vacation in Tulum and you can leave us a message if there is anything else that you would like to know about our Loba Hotel so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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