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At Loba, we love fresh, homemade food. We offer themed group, and full moon dinners, where guests can enjoy dinner on the terrace under the moonlight. Our menus are made with local and seasonal ingredients to offer a unique culinary experience.

Drag costume

At Loba, we love creating unique experiences for our guests, and one of them is our “drag costume” service. For one week a month, we will have a talented drag queen at our hotel who can do your makeup and dress you up in the best outfits and wigs. With this experience, we want our guests to experience the liberation of being who they want to be in the comfort of their rooms and in the safety of our facilities.

Special celebrations

Do you have something to celebrate? Whether it’s your birthday, your anniversary, or just being on vacation, Loba is the perfect place to celebrate. We can help you plan a unique and personalized night for you and your companions. From private dinners to parties on the terrace, we assure you you will have an unforgettable night.

Production events

Are you planning a production event in Tulum? Loba is the perfect place to host your team. We offer accommodation, catering, and meeting spaces for production events. Our team is available to help you plan and organize your event.

Other experiences

At Loba, we love fun. We offer a variety of events for our guests, from karaoke nights to movie screenings. We are always looking for new ways to keep our guests entertained and ensure they have an unforgettable vacation in Tulum.

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