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Naked diners

At Loba we love the cooking experience, which is why one of our most popular events is our dinners,

it can be themed like our full moon dinners, where guests enjoy a night being themselves,

in a safe and relaxed environment, enjoying a variety of dishes served under the moonlight.


Drag weekends

Look how orange you fucking look girl!

What is more fun and exciting than living the experience of dragging without having to worry about an eyelash?

With the help of our guest Drag, we will help you bring your Drag personality to life by telling

with everything you need for the experience.


Massage circles

Come and enjoy an intimate night where human contact and your physical and mental presence are

the main elements to enjoy and feel your body. For about three and a half hours you will get to know different

massage modalities aimed at promoting and nurturing the Arts of Presence:

Consent, Rejection, Vulnerability, Sacred Touch, Knowing How to See and Knowing How to Touch.



For more information follow our Eventbrite account.



Are you looking for a very particular party? Loba is the perfect space to have fun.

Share your idea with us and we will make it come true! 

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