Tips for a Gay vacation in Tulum

Tips for a Gay vacation in Tulum

Spend incredible times this winter in the depths of the jungle. Loba Gay Hotel in Tulum gives you amazing tips for a trip you’ll never forget.


Is there such thing as a gay vacation in Tulum? Isn’t it just a vacation? Well. As everything in this world, it all depends on the views and characters. We could say traveling is the most fulfilling experience, an activity that widens our soul, and magnifies the glass from which we admire everything we live through. 


The topic at matter here is:


What if I’m looking for a different experience? Are there any sites where I can go enjoy the comfy vibes of my M.O? Even though Mexico is not recognized for the most open mindset, truth is that the Mexican Mayan Riviera is a sort of a gay paradise within the confines of Mexico’s southwest.

There are a lot of places, actually, and here, at Loba Only Male Hotel in Tulum, we’re going to mention a few so you know where you can go to everytime you wish to visit the magical la la land of Tulum.




To quote one of their own social media posts:

On the beaches of Tulum we find a portal to an endless summer inhabited by rabbits in the shape of human beings.”

This place is an amazing beach club where you can have amazing times, listen to great “Tulum vibes” music, and, of course, have fresh drinks by the beach.

Enter this place to feel the artsy atmosphere, and create incredible memories. 





This is a rooftop in downtown Tulum. If you start the night here you will be able to enjoy great drinks, amazing music and a very local vibe. 


Perfect to hang for a little while and be gone to a much deeper party up next! 


Todos Santos Bar. 


Part of a bigger deal called Casa Jaguar, this place is a hideaway with magical hand crafted cocktails, great food, an ambience that defies your senses. 


At the end of the night you will have your heart pounding, you will feel a rush crawling up your arms and spine and, after the tiredness of the night you will be drained, ready to rest. 

A stay after the storm. 


When the first rays of light hit your pretty face, go to a place where you can rest and sleep soundly, isolated from everything. Head to Aldea Zama, where you’ll find an amazing stay…


Loba Only Male Hotel in Tulum. 

Spend the night at Loba Tulum, a Gay Hotel where you’ll rest, have fun, meet others who shine just like you. This beautiful secluded space will enhance the experience of Tulum by letting you know that a gay stay is the best way!

Come to Loba Gay Hotel in Tulum today!

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