Tulum’s Carnival 2022: What to do and where to go

Carnaval gay en Tulum 2022

Tulum’s Carnival 2022: What to do and where to go

Enjoy the Carnival in Tulum 2022 to the fullest


Going on vacation in Tulum is a whole experience: beside the most beautiful natural attractions that this city has to offer and the exquisite restaurants, its nightlife is a distinctive you must live in your visit at this beautiful destination.


If we add up the 2022 Tulum Carnival, fun increases! But –wait a minute. Let’s add a list of places you can visit to heat a bit up the ambience. Things will start to get interesting in a hot way.


Now, where can we find this exotic offer? Worry not, you came to the right place! Here you’ll have the best gay places in Tulum so you and your partner can have the best Tuluminati experience.


But first: what’s the Carnival about?


Long story short, Tulum’s Carnival is a fest to commemorate fun, diversity and wildness before April’s religious events: an explosion of lights, colors, music and dance. All in a float parade, with color feathers and hundreds of people (locals and visitors) who look for party and craziness.


This festival starts with the float parade at Tulum’s boulevard and ends at the Maya Museum Park.


After the parade, coronation of Carnival’s Queen and King starts. Once they are selected, they will lead the weekend celebrations. The party ends with a big dance and it goes on until sunrise at a few hotels and clubs.


Now the good stuff: where to hang out.


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Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar Tulum

Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar


This vibrant downtown bar is easy to spot, just look for the brightly painted old Beetle! Batey’s specials are cocktails and mojitos with local fruit that are prepared as you watch. They also have bites and breakfast. Their garden is the ideal spot to rest after a day of exploring the Mexican wonders.


This bar is not exclusively gay, but very LGBTQ+ friendly! 

Gitano Bar Tulum



Gitano has three locations across all Tulum, all of which are uniquely designed:


  1. Gitano Jungle is an exclusive Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar, open every day from 5pm. Plus, they host a disco party every Friday!


  1. Next, we have Gitano Meze, which is a taverna among nature, serving authentic Greek food in charge of Chef Alexandros Gkoutsi. in a Mykonos-style decor.


  1. Looking for something more upscale at the beach? Gitano Beach is a bar right at the coast on a secluded part of the beach. It serves cocktails, lunch, and dinner from 11am – 11pm every day.


Gitano has bars in North and South America and has been a popular venue for the LGBTQ+ community.

Santino Bar Tulum



Santino is popular among tourists and locals alike – this restaurant & bar has drinks, cocktails & food most nights, but we live for the party and Santino knows it! Its live music and DJ nights on weekends make this place worth a visit.


Santino also has occasional themed events –so don’t get surprised if things heat up while the Carnival’s on town! 


The crowd is mixed but fun, strangers have shared more than a dance in this multi-faceted bar.


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Tulum beaches: the sea as you have never seen it!


No doubt about it: if there’s something that our beautiful Mexican Caribbean is known about, it’s because of its turquoise waters and its fine and white sand. If you want to feel the real heat, the ideal destination is Santa Fe Beach: a nude beach in Tulum where you can experience a full body sun tanning (and we really mean full body) and the nice touch of the sand while you rest under the Mexican sun.

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