The best Gay Festivals in Tulum

Festivales gay en Tulum

The best Gay Festivals in Tulum

Join the party and discover the best Gay festivals in Tulum!

When we talk about Tulum, it is impossible not to think of parties, nature, bars, and endless activities that you can do with your partner and spend one of the most incredible vacations. Over the years, the Riviera Maya has become a benchmark of parties for the LGBTQ + community, being its incredible festivals in Tulum, the jewel in the crown.


Among the different gay events in Tulum, there are private parties and some festivals that will undoubtedly make you return.


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That’s the reason why we did a top 3 of the best gay events in Tulum!


1.- ARENA Fiesta Internacional

ARENA Fiesta Internacional has been for almost 10 years, the gay festival par excellence, managing to position itself in Mexico as one of the best LGBTQ+ festivals.  From endless parties during the day, to spectacular performances in the evenings, each event is unique.

This 2022, ARENA is celebrating the 10th anniversary and will take place from February 2nd to February 8th. Tickets are now available on the official website; you can buy the full access bracelet or the individual pass for any of the parties.

If you purchased tickets for the 2021 edition, which was canceled by Covid-19, don’t worry! It will be validated for this year.

Buy your tickets here.

ARENA gay festival



Mystiko, is one of the newest gay events in Tulum. For almost four days at least seven events, it promises to unite the party and the natural resources that abound in the region, to live a sensory and fun experience in a unique way. Mystiko, will be held from November 4th to November 7th and tickets will be available from March 8th on the official website.

Mystiko festival gay en Tulum


Although, Tulum is a tourist destination that has been consolidated over the years as one of the best bets in terms of international entertainment and leisure. Attracting gay tourism. So, if you want to spend an incredible night with your partner, there are endless bars that offer public parties or private and have gay-friendly stamps.


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Could COVID mean an impediment to enjoying festivals?

Something that we must consider for this vacation, Mexico isn´t rigorous with Covid tests or the vaccination scheme for tourists, but the authorities recommend to wear masks and maintain a distance between others.

Similarly, mass events are allowed, in case of change, could mean a cancellation or rescheduling of the event.

If you want to know more about the cancellation politics of these festivals, you can check the  ARENA  and  Mystiko websites for more information.


How can I get from the airport to Tulum safely?

To get to your hotel in Tulum, there are several options that can benefit you and that may not necessarily mean an expense cost that may be out of your budget.

One of the first recommendations is that you specify with your hotel or travel agency if they have a transport service, in case they don´t, or you think it is not convenient, the Cancun International Airport offers different transport services among which are vans, buses and car rentals.

In the same way, it is to be considered that private driver services aka Uber, don´t operate in the city. So another of your options could be the normal taxi service. These, you can find them at the exit of the airport, although the cost could be high.


Loba Only Male Hotel in Tulum.

Loba Hotel is your best option to stay when you visit these festivals, because being exclusive male hotel, you can enjoy a pleasant experience and even continue the party. And the most important, you can connect with other boys who enjoy the party as you do.

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