Romantic gay vacations in Tulum.

Romantic gay vacations in Tulum.

Follow these amazing tips for an incredible gay vacation in Tulum, while you stay in Loba Tulum, Male Only, Gay Hotel.


Behold for the best way to spend your romantic winter vacay in Tulum. As you probably already know, Tulum is one of the most instagrammable places on earth. This is why, given the circumstances, we’ve decided to build a list of 4 amazingly romantic places fpr you and your partner. 


Mi amor Restaurant.

Located in Boca Palia, the coastal line of Tulum, this beautifully built restaurant, will bring all the clichés: 

The ocean’s breeze hitting, while you eat a delightful dessert by the shore, decorated with rocks and wooden themes so you don’t miss the vibes of Tulum’s architecture. 


Co.Con amor.

Rather than just eating, this is a place to have experiences, to learn, to grow individually and through your significant other. The place will lead to further knowledge of your partner, as well as deeper connections. 



A beautiful experience awaits at this place. You’ll be immersed amidst the jungle, going through tunnels, nests, and organic architecture that will soothe your senses, and will make a true connection between yourself, your partner and nature. 


Loba Tulum.

Simply put, Loba Tulum is the Male Only experience you shouldn’t be missing. If you haven’t visited this amazing Gay Hotel in Tulum, you better make your reservation today, as this is a place where you and your partner will be at a secluded location, out of everything else invading the vibes of Tulum, and where you’ll find the peace and quiet your love deserves. The pools in this hotel are meant for skinny dipping, which means this is an unbiased Hotel, a place where you and your partner will enjoy yourselves as you truly are: 


In love.

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