Adventurous activities for gay couples in Tulum.

Adventurous activities for gay couples in Tulum.

Try these tips if you and your partner are willing to take your travel to the next step.


Going on vacation is so easy. First of all because we tend to just pick a destination, purchase a plane ticket, get our bags in order as much as possible and  take the flight over to the destination in question. The we’d just relax, sipping margaritas by the turquoise waters of the caribbean (i.e.), and waiting for the su to come down to get back to the room and check out the new delicious tan lines we’ve just got by the mirror. Then we’d have a shower, come down to the hotel’s restaurant for a drink and dinner and the go to bed. Relaxation at its best. And, yes, sometimes that’s valid, but… have you ever wondered: “what’s out there?”. 


Ok. Let us tell you a secret. Tulum is surrounded by magic. Beyond the hotel area lies one of the most amazing and gigantic natural reserves in the Mexican South West. Just 10 minutes away from secular Tulum, you will find a cluster of incredible open sky cenotes. A few minutes down the same road, you’ll find the Mayan ruins of Muyil, a not so famous place where you’ll get to swim through some quiet water canals and end up at a beautiful lagoon by the end of this  atural road. 


So as you can see, Tulum is filled with magical places you can visit if you’re a gay couple that’s feeling a little bit bored of the usual offer everyone gets in Tulum. Our advice us to look further information for


Muyil Ruins. 


A beautiful Mayan site with adventure waiting at the other side of fun. 



Open sky cenotes. 


Go to Cenote Corazon, where the pristine waters will cleanse your soul. 


Sian ka’an Reserve. 


This place has a stunning and colorful lagoon called Kaan Luum. Over there you can practice diving, kayaking and birdwatching if you’re feeling patient enough. 





This huge Mayan site is one of the most important sites of Mayan culture. It”s height is something otherworldly and the roads and pieces of the Mayan city surrounded by deep jungle landscapes is something not to be missed. 


Adventurous gay couples: make your bags and come to Tulum, where you’ll be abme to find more than the naked eye can see. 



Stay at Loba Tulum for your next vacation to have adventures like these. Let us know if we can arrange any of these for you. 


See you next time!

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